Class of 2018 Responds to All Black Caps & Gowns

By Tierra Harris | Web Editor-in-Chief

With graduation approaching quickly, scholarship deadlines, college applications and senioritis are huge topics throughout the halls of Avon High School. An even bigger controversy has led to students discussing graduation, itself. This year, female students, who usually wear gold caps and gowns, will be wearing black like their male counterparts.
The idea arised during an administrative meeting after students, throughout the years, had complained about the flaws of gold caps and gowns. According to Mrs. Stephanie Bode, the administration made the decision last spring. During the senior meeting with Herff Jones in October, seniors did not receive this information. Recently, many are finding out due to posters around the ALC.

After asking a few seniors their opinions on caps and gowns, these are the results:

How do you feel about wearing black caps and gowns this year?

“I think the black graduation caps will be fine, but it would’ve been nice to have some color.” -Megan Furness

“I like the black gowns more than the gold ones, just because black looks better on everyone and its easier to pick a matching outfit with.” -Kirandeep Pannu

Do you think that girls and guys should have the same color?

“I both like and dislike girls and guys having the same color cap and gowns because while it does show unity in our class it also leaves out half of our school colors.” -Derek Anderson

“I think that girls and guys having the same color is a great decision, just because it cancels out the possibility of offending anyone.” Kirandeep Pannu

“I think it is good that guys and girls are wearing the same color gowns. I think it is a lot better than making girls wear gold.” -Hope Miller

On a school-wide level, do you think that the change is better or worse?

“I think the switch is honestly a little worse because it takes away from our class colors. I feel like we should get to choose which color we would prefer, that way there would be black and gold cap and gowns.” -Derek Anderson

“From what I’ve heard from others, the black graduation gowns should be better as they aren’t see through like the gold ones were apparently last year.” -Megan Furness

“I still like the idea of having black and gold graduation gowns but I think if the school did it that way, it should be through a “first come, first served” system. Students could choose which color cap & gown they wanted until the school reached the limit of how many could buy black or gold. Then, the rest of the students would have to order the second color.” -Hope Miller




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