Asa Garcia Wins Second State Wrestling Championship

By Stephen Dumeyer | Reporter

When and why did you start wrestling?

I started around six years old and it was because I thought it was WWE. I thought I was going to be jumping off ropes and stuff.

What was your goal coming into this season?

I wanted to get back on top because I had a tough loss last year and it stopped my chances of being a 4-timer.

Who helped you get to this point?

All my coaches from when I was young and my dad spending a lot of time taking me places,  paying to get through it and being there anytime I needed him.

How would you like to improve upon what you’ve achieved this season?

Go into summer and win some national titles.

What was your favorite moment of the season? 

This season we did a lot more team bonding and stuff like that. We’ve been hanging out more, just being with the guys. We did some different things together.

Of your two state championships which was the most impactful?

Probably the first one because that was the one that got me on the map, it kind of showed myself what I could do.

How did you celebrate? How did your teammates and coach greet you after the win?

They were excited, it had been a long time coming, and they help out a lot with them pressuring me every day and coaching me up.

Where do you plan to go after senior year? 

I haven’t decided yet, I’ve gotten some college attention, but I won’t decide until next fall probably.

If you could go back and tell your younger self something, what would it be?

Just to keep doing what you’re doing. I would probably quit baseball a little sooner to make more time. Keep on the course. No matter what even a loss is the next stepping stone to an accomplishment.

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