Junior Victoria Wendt Places 13th At State Swimming Meet

Junior Victoria Wendt

By Emmagrace Brock | Reporter

The girls’ IHSAA Girls State Swimming Meet took place on Feb. 9-10 at the IU Natatorium on the IUPUI campus. Avon High School sent six girls to compete: senior Rylee Elder, juniors Lauren and Elizabeth Myers, sophomore Kaitlyn Sinclair, freshman Kayla Logeais and junior Victoria Wendt.

Wendt made the 2017-2018 season her third competing at the state meet. She made it to finals for the first time and placed 13th in the 200 Individual Medley with a time of 2:07.

“Everyone just came together at the end of the season,” Wendt said. “It was amazing to be a part of and see everyone improve. It was so happy and I am just so proud of everyone.”

Wendt started swimming at a young age and began on a club team. She has swam ever since and been on varsity throughout her high school years.

“I started swimming when I was nine on the ACST club team because I was really chubby and needed some exercise. I turned out to be pretty good so here I am seven years later doing the same thing,” Wendt said.

Although practice may be early in the morning and late in the afternoon, Wendt especially appreciates these times of the day. The uplifting positive atmosphere of the team keeps practice for Wendt enjoyable as she and her teammates “make jokes and dance.”

“Basically, I only swim because all my friends swim and we have an awesome time at practice and it also feels amazing to have absolutely nothing left at the end of a race or workout and know that you tried your best,” Wendt said.

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