Students Share Thoughts on Winter Olympics

By Brayden Cox | Reporter

“I love to watch the snowboarding highlights on Snapchat. I love Sean White.”

  • Christian Reynolds, 9

“I really like Chloe Kim and snowboarding. It is really cool that a girl won.”

  • Molly Hoffmen, 10

“I mostly follow the Olympics on Snapchat, but I love Chloe Kim.”

  • Alisse Hutcherson, 10

“I don’t really keep up with the Olympics. I mean I see there are highlights on Snapchat and Instagram, but it’s not like anyone actually watches them.”

  • Allan Halliburton, 10

“I don’t care too much for the Olympics. It’s not something I go out of my way to watch.”

  • Danny Goodwin, 10

“I don’t really keep up with the Olympics, but I love figure skating.”

  • Justin Abequbell, 10

“I really love Katie Ledecky, because she is a swimmer and so am I.”

  • Kayla Clark, 10

“I don’t keep up with it but it is a great way for families to bond and see if their country comes out on top.”

  • Colby Wagner, 10

“I don’t think anyone really watches the Olympics anymore. At least not very many high school kids. It just is not something we are interested in.”

  • Arianna Stephens, 11

“I really love the Olympics my favorite event is luge and my favorite Olympian would have to be Chloe Kim.”

  • Jenna Ruiz, 12

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