Keeping Up With The Clubs: ASCAP


By Colby Owens | Reporter

There are numerous clubs at Avon High School completing activities within the school and around the community, but some of these activities go unknown to the students who aren’t in the club.  The Avon School and Community Ambassador Program or “ASCAP” is one club that has been active for several years.

ASCAP is a club dedicated to benefitting the community, with members acting as ambassadors on behalf of the school. Junior Erin McLain is one among the almost fifty members of the club.

“ASCAP has a variety of volunteer opportunities for members to take part in and we usually pick the individual jobs that we are most interested in. For example, I usually attend events at the elementary schools because I like working with children,” McLain said.

There is an interview process for students wanting to join ASCAP. Students must be nominated by a teacher, complete an application and sit for an interview with club sponsors Mr. Wagler and Mr. Clark. If admitted into the club, the first volunteer opportunity students have is acting as ushers and guides at graduation.

“We all have different jobs and spend the afternoon and evening working and eating pizza, which is a really nice way to meet everyone,” McLain said.

Members of the club are responsible for completing 30 service hours, which can range from working with kids to volunteering at events here at the high school. Senior Claire Trinkle, president of ASCAP, is currently helping the club work on some welcoming gifts for new students.

“ASCAP is currently working on New Student packets for the dozens of new students that come to Avon each year. Each packet includes a personalized letter from an ASCAP member, a coupon for a free cookie, and several other ‘welcome to Avon’ materials,” Trinkle said.

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