Executive Board Announced For 2018-2019 School Year

By Dia Gill | Web Managing Editor

Election results are in, and the 2018-2019 Executive Board has been determined. Six student leaders have been selected by their peers and teachers to lead Avon’s student government in coordinating and planning our school events. These six students are: Hannah Schafer, President; Mikenzie Roberts, Vice President of Academic Affairs; Don Rick Camacho, Vice President of Student Affairs; Reese Chesher, Vice President of Event Planning; Andrew Spear, Secretary; Malachi Cowan, Treasurer.  

Executive board is the leading body of the student government, comprised of six to seven upperclassmen who play a large role in organizing school events, including the homecoming tailgate and the upcoming Avon Night Light.  

“For executive board, the application process is pretty extensive. You first apply and write two essays with your application, and then have an interview with a panel of student government sponsors. There is then a teacher voting period, followed by a student voting period, after which acceptance and positions are decided,” said junior Hannah Schafer.  

Schafer, currently serving as Vice President of Student Affairs, has been elected to serve as next year’s student body president. Schafer joined student government her sophomore year as a class officer.

“I have always been interested in the [position of president] and all the responsibilities it included, but I wasn’t necessarily set in being president until probably halfway through junior year. I just wanted to serve the school and student government wherever I could best make a difference, which in my case is as president.”  

Schafer’s responsibilities will cover most of the events of the school year and will require a focus on community engagement, organization, and building school spirit.  

“I am in charge of assigning jobs and heading the efforts for all student government events, continuing the high school’s relationship with the community, and promoting school spirit. I am to set an example through hard work and positivity, and take on the brunt of the work for school and community events. I help plan homecoming, Trunk or Treat, the teacher appreciation lunch, Avon Night Light, spirit weeks and Back to School Night, along with so much more.” 

Also joining Schafer in next year’s executive board is junior Reese Chesher. Chesher joined student government as a junior class officer, but moved up to executive board midway through the year. He is now set to serve as Vice President of Event Planning. 

“My biggest focus, especially as Vice President of Event Planning is to reorganize Avon Night Light and possibly turn it into a totally different thing. It is going to entail a lot of calls, meeting with people, and making sure everything runs on schedule.” 

Chesher has one message for the students of Avon High School.  

“Show up to events. Homecoming was great because people showed up and had a great time. We hope to see more students signed up for Avon Night Light. We put these events on for the students and really hope everyone enjoys them, and that’s one of the biggest ways you can get involved in this great school.” 


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