Slideshow: ‘Yes 4 Avon Schools’ Holds Rally in Support of Referendum

On April 3, various members of the community came together at Washington Township Park Pavilion for a Referendum Rally, organized by the volunteer group Yes 4 Avon Schools in conjunction with the student-led group Students 4 Avon Schools.

At the event, Avon Superintendent Dr. Maggie Hoernemann and AHS Principal Mr. Matt Shockley both briefly discussed the importance of the referendum, but the majority of the rally was spent allowing students to share their stories and why they believe it’s important to vote yes for the referendum.

Student speakers included Sam Pearson, Cameron Misner, Claire Trinkle, Bridgette Schabel and Carson Ebert.

Attendees were also given information on where they can vote early and how they can register to vote in hopes to up the turnout at the primary on May 8. You can register to vote or check your voter status at

Photos by Claire Rightley 


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