Brad Hancock and Luke Edwards Run for 2018 Election

By Reece Westfall | Web Managing Editor

On May 8, many seniors and a lucky set of older juniors will be lining up and casting their votes. They may be surprised, however, to see some familiar faces on the ballots. Senior Brad Hancock and early graduate Luke Edwards are running to be delegates to the GOP state convention.

The official Indiana Republican State Convention is set to take place in Evansville June 8-9. If they make it, they would be two of 14 people who will represent Washington Township at the upcoming event. There, they’ll nominate Republicans running for statewide offices such as Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Treasurer, and many other positions.


Q: How long have you been planning to run?

Edwards: A man named Mark Tieken gave me the idea to run. He talked to Brad Hancock and I about running and gave us the idea to get more involved.

Hancock: My plan to run has really been in the works since the 2016 election and when I worked on the Todd Young campaign. When I turned 18, I immediately registered to vote.

Q: Why should people vote for you on election day?

Edwards: People should vote for me because I would love to get the opportunity and experience and would love to try to somewhat help out our state as much as I can.

Hancock: People should vote for me because I plan on going down to the convention and being able to be a representative for high schoolers’ interests in the Indiana Republican Party.

Q: What is it like being each other’s competition?

Edwards: The good thing about the position us there are multiple people who get it so we aren’t necessarily up against each other.

Hancock: Multiple people will be chosen from Washington Township so I hope to go to the competition with Luke.

Q: What do you think such a young person can bring to the table at the conference?

Edwards: I feel like a young person like me can bring a perspective that not everyone can see.

Hancock:  I think that being a young person is an advantage because I am able to bring new perspectives and considerations to the table that previous generations haven’t yet discussed.

Q: What do you think has prepared you to be a representative?

Edwards: I’ve been active in politics for basically my whole high school career, campaigning for people running for Congress, attending their events and rallies, as well as working them.

Hancock: I think my lifelong interest in politics and my activities in politics have helped me prepare for doing something like this.

Q: Do you plan on going into politics in the future?

Edwards: I would love to have a future in politics, but I know it’s a rigorous job and field to work in, I find it interesting and would enjoy it if I were to go into the field.

Hancock: I definitely want to be involved in politics in the future. I don’t know if I’ll ever want to be an actual politician, but I will absolutely stay involved regardless.

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