Meet The 2018-2019 Student Government Class Officers

By Savannah Abshire | Reporter

Earlier last week, the 2018-2019 student government officers were announced. Class officers make up the Senate portion of the student government, while the House of Representatives is made up of club presidents. The incoming freshman class will be represented by Alex Garcia, Abbey Kelley, Hannah Barton, and Olivia Simon; the sophomore class by Sophia Garcia, Morgan Jones, Izabella Rios, and Yohannes Leben; the junior class by Sophia Trinkle, Jazmine Suzana, Madison Bruce, and Jui Desai; and the senior class by La Pam-Ela Long, Dia Gill, Katie Stegemann, and Sarah Nawar.

Three students shared their experiences running for student government.

When did you decide to run for a class officer position?

Sophia Garcia: I decided to run in eighth grade.

Jui Desai:  I wanted to be part of the student government sometime early this year after watching lots of interesting things happen in the past two years.

Katie Stegemann: I decided to run for student government at the end of my sophomore year into my junior year.

What inspired you to run for a senate member position?

Garcia: My older sister Madeline was already apart of student government. I’ve been in student councils every year since third grade. I was the Student Council President at the time, so it was natural to apply for the [student] government.

Desai: I was inspired by the participation of my friends in various activities and opportunities that were available through student government. I felt like being a Senate member would also help me put my formal leadership training into action in the school, so I decided to run for the position.

Stegemann: I wanted to take a stronger role in the school, and I felt that student government would be a great opportunity.

Have you ever represented your class  before?

Garcia: Yes, I’m currently a freshman officer and I will be a sophomore officer next year.

Desai: No, I have not represented yet, but I knew friends who were in the Senate. For me, this is my first year.

Stegemann: I joined student council in middle school, but never quite played a strong enough role in the school community.

What are some responsibilities as a class officer?

Garcia: We plan Avon Night Light, Homecoming and Project Angel. As a freshman, I helped plan Avon’s Got Talent too.

Desai: We help run some of the Avon High School events, like Homecoming, the talent show, and Avon Night Light.

Stegemann: Each class has different senate responsibilities along with the spring community event. Freshmen organize the talent show, sophomores plan the blood drive, juniors figure out Prom, and seniors plan graduation.

What do you look forward to doing as a Senate Member?

Garcia: I love Project Angel. I think it is my favorite.

Desai: I’m very excited to help plan the events throughout the year. I would like to increase student commitment in different clubs, volunteering, community giving, and other fundraising activities for good causes.

Stegemann: I look forward to organizing graduation next year, and can’t wait to work with my new senators.

As a senate member, what is something you hope to change or organize within Avon High School?

Garcia: I want to increase involvement in school activities. Avon High School has a lot to offer and I want to encourage everyone to do their best to participate in them.

Desai: I hope to see every person at Avon High School involved in a club, sport or art, as well as some more school spirit.

Stegemann: This year, Avon Night Light didn’t have as big of a turn out as we had hoped, so I hope to organize a new, better event for the community that can intrigue more people.


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