50 Avon Students Take Group Visit to Indiana State University

By Jaided Ramos | Reporter

Each year, Avon High School takes 50 students, typically juniors, to Indiana State University to taste a bit of college life. The students, selected at random, attend the program with counselor Melinda Hatchet. Each of the students return back to school with a better understanding of life after high school. 

A few students give their opinions on their experiences at ISU this year:


Axell Roman, 11

How did you like the campus?

It wasn’t my favorite, but I definitely thought it was something different.”

Have you gone on another college trip before?

“Not really. I’ve been to IU and I really liked that campus.”

How did you like the food?

The food was fattening so I liked it a lot.”

How was the trip going there and coming back?

 It was definitely fun.”


Tierney Harris, 11

How did you like ISU’s campus?

It was nice.”

What was your favorite thing at the campus?

I liked how open it was and the waterfall. It was really pretty.”

How did you like the transportation?

It was really nice to have a charter bus, I was actually really surprised that they gave us one; I was shocked. Going there was nice and coming back they gave us a charter bus which was super cool, the driver was super cool too.”

How was the tour in general?

I liked how they grouped us in a room first, not many colleges start it out like that and do a presentation about the logistics. It was nice because when they took us out, we could focus on the campus more and not the logistics.”

How did you like the variety of organizations?

That was nice, too. I like the organizations I liked how low the tuition is really. It was nice.”


Ariana Powell, 11

How did you like the campus?

I loved it, it was absolutely beautiful.”

What was your favorite thing?

I really enjoyed the REC center because it was new and nice. It seemed they put a lot of time and money into making sure their students had somewhere nice to work out and be when they had down time.”

What did you think of the food?

Awesome! Buffet for the win definitely.”


Melinda Hatchett, Counselor

Do you visit ISU each year?

We try to go each year to ISU and everything that has been a part of the trip has come out of ISU’s expense. We didn’t have to pay anything at all. It’s awesome how they do that for us.”

Why do you do a college visit?

Some kids might not go on any college trips and tour other campuses and I wanted to make sure they at least they got to go on one.”

Is it this time every year?

I like to make it in the spring time where it is warmer because I know we will be walking. I want it to be nice for everyone and warm enough to walk around and have nice activities. I actually had to sign up for it in August because any other day was booked. It was a nice day for a college tour.”

Do you always use Cavallo?

ISU actually chooses Cavallo. We’ve had Cavallo every year and it’s all out of ISU’s expenses and it’s so nice of them to do that. That is why I want the kids who went on the trip, to like ISU on Facebook or Instagram because they did so much for the kids and everything. They gave them free shirts and booklets and fed them. All out of their own expense, they are such a nice school.”

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