Meet Jason Wu: Taiwanese Foreign Exchange Student

By Emmagrace Brock | Reporter

This past summer, junior Jason Yu flew 7,706 miles across the world to study at Avon High School. From Taiwan, Yu left behind the culture he’s known in order to learn a new one in Indiana.  IMG_9331

Where did you live before coming to Avon?

I lived in Taiwan. It is three times smaller than Indiana and has four times more people.

What do you miss most about Taiwan?

I miss the food most – fruit shaved ice and all the kind of the fruit that I haven’t seen in America.

What do you like most about the US?

I like that the school lets us choose some classes. I also like the shorter school hours because I have more free time.

What do you dislike most about the US?
I actually like everything in America; except for everything is so far away that I have to go by the car and I can’t drive.

What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class is orchestra. Mr. Westman is nice and funny and I love to play music with my friends.

Did you know of any stereotypes about Americans in Taiwan?
I thought Americans would be very crazy, like in cartoons. I was right.

What were some of your expectations coming to America?
I expected that I would make some good friends, improve my English, and try to live like an American teenager.

What surprised you about America?
I was surprised about the free refills at fast food restaurants. We barely have any kind of fast food restaurants in Taiwan.

How is school different here than in Taiwan?
The schools in Taiwan suck. School is from 7 am to 5 pm every day and then we have three hours of tutoring class. It will be about 10 pm when we get home. We have a lot of homework that takes at least one hour and, after homework, we have to review for the test [the next day]. We have tests every single day so, for me, it is very awesome to be here.

Photo by Emmagrace Brock

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