Behind the Scenes at the Avon High School Fashion Show

By Reece Westfall | Web Managing Editor

Last week, young designers and models showcased their talents at Fashion Merchandising’s annual fashion show and every hand was on deck. Students prepared for a long two and a half months to ensure that the show ran smoothly.

This year, they chose the theme Fashion Rewind, showing outfits inspired by classic TV shows across the decades. From The Proud Family to Bewitched, there was fashion going back to the 1960’s.  Although the class was split when it came for voting for this year’s theme, junior Miranda Gladish thought the Fashion Rewind theme would be a crowd favorite.

“We thought that many people would enjoy the Rewind theme because we knew that they would know a majority of, or all of the shows,” Gladish said.

It wasn’t as simple as choosing a decade or show, however. A lot of thought and detail had to be put into every outfit in order to encompass and stay true to the characters from people’s beloved hits. Junior Aki Alludarez loved spending time with her classmates and delving into the world of fashion, but she does admit that it can be hard work.

“First, we have to find a TV show, then the character we want to portray, then the style of them, then the sketch, and finally, look for clothes,” Alludarez said.

The designers weren’t the only ones putting their blood, sweat, and tears into the show. Plenty of people stayed behind the scenes to ensure that everything went smoothly. From recruiting teachers and students to model, to getting caterers on board, there was no shortage of things to do.

“Each person has a certain role,” Alledarez said. “There’s us, the models, and the behind the scenes: sound people, food people, photographers, and many more.”

Although it can be a challenge to gather everyone together, Senior Erin Oden thought that all the work was worth it to show Avon students the significance fashion has on today’s world and to possibly get people more involved.

“Fashion is important because it shows each person and how they reflect themselves and why people dress the way they do culturally and economically,” Oden said.

Not only did the excitement of the show inspire some audience members, but the organizers found themselves wanting to get even more involved with fashion.

“Next year, I’m hoping Miss Moore will let me help her with her fashion show for 2019, Gladdish said. “I loved this year’s and I’m 100 percent interested in Fashion Merchandising.”



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