Avon Students’ Guide to Making the Most of Summer Break

By Reece Westfall | Web Managing Editor

The time has come. As finals wrap up and we all stop frantically checking RogerHub, we’re not thinking of what grade we got on that history exam or how our class rank is going to change. We’re thinking of freedom. However, it’s not always easy to figure out what all we’re going to fill out time with. While some students are planning for a summer of beaches, theme parks, and lakes, even more are preparing themselves for a summer spent at home. Although there’s a variety of things to do around Avon, not everyone knows about the best spots to go. If you’re stuck on planning activities, no worries! Let Avon students help you brainstorm so you can turn two boring months at home into two unforgettable months of vacation.

1. Visit Your Local Park

It may not always seem like the most exciting venture, but the park isn’t just for kids or Frisbee golfers anymore. Ride your bike, hunt for buried treasure and go geocaching, or meet up with friends. If you’re a few bucks short from seeing some of your favorite singers and rappers downtown, the Washington Township Park’s Concert by the Creek has your back. On June 15, Audiodacity is playing. On July 27, come out and see Guys on a Bus. And if you still haven’t gotten your concert fill by then, you have one last chance with The Doo! on August 10. All concerts will be held from 7pm-9pm.

What Students Have to Say:

“One of my favorite things to do in the summer is ride my bike to the Washington Township Park and go to the free concerts that they have there.” -Kendyl Phelps (11)

“The Avon Town Hall Park has movies on the hill which I really dig. I like to go out there, chill, and watch a movie in the nice weather.” -Brenna Tiffany (12)

2. Become a Shopaholic

Whether you want to put together the perfect summer outfit, go see a movie, or get a burger at Bru, there’s never a shortage of things to do at the Shops At Perry Crossing (formerly known as Metropolis). Wanting to go for something a little more out of the ordinary? The Avon Farmers Market meets every Tuesday from 4pm – 7pm on the Hendricks Regional Health, Avon South parking lot. There you can find fresh local produce and baked goods, food trucks, handcrafted items, and even some family activities from time to time.

What Students Have to Say:

“My favorite place to shop is Laynee’s Boutique. It’s a very unique and modern store full of great clothes. The atmosphere of the store is very calming and the people who work there help you to find the best outfit for you.” – Rebecca Centers (11)

3. Sunbathe and Swim

Realize you could use a little sun after seeing everyone’s posts about the beach on Instagram? The Plainfield Aquatic Center offers an outdoor water park featuring slides, and interactive play area, and a 900-foot long lazy river. Youth (5-17) goes for $10, while Adults (18+) can get in for $11. If you’re a little burnt but still want to swim, they offer a smaller indoor pool with a few slides and a lazy river. The Hendricks Regional Health YMCA offers an indoor pool with a slide as well.

What Students Have to Say:

“I like to swim at my neighborhood pool because it’s the most convenient and I’ve been swimming since I was five.” -Jordynne Lee (12)

5. Satisfy Your Inner-Foodie

Sample unique ice cream flavors and support a local business at Danny’s Mexican Ice Cream. Whether you’re in the mood for some basic chocolate or looking to try something new with corn or queso flavored ice cream, there’s a flavor for everyone. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of fun and food, I suggest The Hendricks County Rib-Fest on Saturday June 30th. Listen to live music, sample some of the best ribs in the county, ride on a tethered hot air balloon, and top it all off with a fireworks show.

What Students Have to Say:

“I like Danny’s Mexican Ice cream because summer equals ice cream and Danny’s is so good.” -Sarah Nawar (11)

“I love going to Olive Garden and Cheddar’s. I love pasta and Cheddar’s has an awesome caesar pasta salad.” -Josh Schlutow (11)

6. Learn Something New

Looking to creep your friends out, brush up on some history before school starts, or get some inspiration for your next art project? All you need is a way to get downtown and a few bucks in your wallet. The Indiana Medical History Museum offers guided tours in the building formerly used as the Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane. Tickets are $3 for people under the age of 18 and former exhibits include Lobotomy: Intentions, Procedures, Effects, Great Apes: The Biology & Culture of Our Closest Relatives, and currently displays The Central State Time Capsule. If you have some younger kids to entertain or just want to feel like one again yourself, The Indianapolis Children’s Museum offers a wide variety exhibits and even offers $5 admission from 5pm-8pm on the first Thursday of each month. Other options include the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Indiana State Museum, the Eiteljorg Museum, and even the NCAA Hall of Champions.

What Students Have to Say:

“I like going to the art museum because I love seeing all of the different forms of art and what the artists do to make whatever they create come to life.” -Hannah Raines (11)

“I love the Children’s Museum. It’s a lot of fun and you can learn a lot of things. But my favorite part by far is the train that you can go inside.” -Caroline Wadley (11)



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