AP Calculus Teacher Mr. Anthony Record Takes The Stage in “The Foreigner”


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By Dia Gill | Web Editor-in-Chief

These past two weekends, August 3-5 and August 10-12, AP Calculus AB/BC teacher Mr. Anthony Record performed in The Foreigner with the Hendricks Civic Theatre. Cast in the lead role, Mr. Record played Charlie Baker, a Londoner caught in the crossfires of prejudice in Georgia. The comedy chronicles Charlie pretending to be a foreigner, and the resulting conflicts.

The play attracted attention from many of Mr. Record’s students, who arrived both weekends in large numbers. Senior Caroline Wadley was impressed with his performance.

“I was surprised by how great of an actor he was,” she said. “It’s definitely weird to see teachers outside of the school setting, having their own hobbies. Mr. Record’s own personality did have its appearance in his character, and altogether he fit the role well.”

Mr. Record’s theatre career dates back to his elementary school days when he was cast as the understudy to Tiny Tim in the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s A Christmas Carol. He continued to perform in local productions up until high school.

“When I was in elementary school, I would often write one-act plays and beg my teachers to set aside some class time so that my friends and I could perform them,” he said.

It wasn’t until four years ago that Mr. Record returned to the stage. After watching his daughter perform in a Hendricks Civic Theatre production, he was inspired to return to his childhood hobby.

“While the demands of teaching and the other work I do with the College Board are demanding, I find that performing provides a nice balance in my life and allows me to leave the stresses of deadlines and grading behind for a few hours a week.”

Over the course of the past few years, Mr. Record has been a part of a number of HCT productions, the first being in the spring of 2015. He recalls going in for the role of the butler in Pride and Prejudice, and getting the role of Mr. Darcy, one of the lead characters.

“I recall the date of my audition for that show was 30 years to the exact day of my last audition—Valentine’s Day 1985. I was very nervous as I did not know many people. My goal was to land a small role so that eventually I could audition for a show that both my daughter and I could be in,” he explained. “I remember asking to read for the role of the butler who had maybe six lines. I ended up being cast as Darcy.”

Not long after, Record was finally able to perform with his daughter in Arsenic and Old Lace.

In his most recent production, the calculus teacher and College Board consultant transformed himself into a socially awkward Englishman, brought to Georgia by his military friend Frog. His character, Charlie, is so shy he resorts to pretending he doesn’t know English so as to avoid conversation.

“Over the course of the play, Charlie becomes privy to many of the secrets of the guests and finds himself in the middle of an operation to eradicate everyone from the lodge by a local hate group,” he said.

Mr. Record is vocal about his support for the arts in the Hendricks County community. He cites the Hendricks Civic Theatre, Hendricks County Symphony Orchestra, and Ballet Company as impactful, local organizations.

“The hope one day is for The Hendricks County Arts Council to acquire a centrally-located space to house all these entities much like Hamilton County has done to the north of us,” he explained. “Then, patrons will have a central place where they can go to witness all the wonderful things that Hendricks County has to offer in way of both the performing and visual arts. This could have a tremendous impact on the community as far as property values are concerned and make Hendricks County an even more attractive place to live and work.”





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