Q&A With Teacher of the Year Mrs. Heather Meunier

By Brannigan Watson | Web Managing Editor

Q: When were you presented the award?

A: I was presented the award at our Back to School Celebration on the first day of school for teachers.

Q: Were you expecting it?

A: I was very surprised when I learned that I won this award.

Q: Is there a process you go through like an application or are you unaware until it is given to you?

A: When you are nominated at the building level, you provide a resume and your staff gets a chance to read those resumes and then vote for the candidate they choose.  At the district level, you have to complete a philosophy of education and a professional biography which the selection committee reads and votes on as well.  There is then a large portfolio to submit for the state competition.

Q: What was it like being presented the award?  How does it feel to be given such an honor?

A: It was an honor to receive this award at a school with such incredible educators.  I am very grateful to my colleagues, my students, and my family for their support and inspiration.

Q: Are there any other prizes or winnings attached to the award?

A: Yes, Andy Mohr offers a cash prize, and the Sharon Pinnick Memorial fund also awards a cash prize.  The HRH YMCA offers a one-year pass, and I was also presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Q: How else are you involved with the school beyond teaching?

A: I am the faculty adviser to the Interact Club, a club sponsored by its parent Rotary Club that teaches leadership skills through community service.

Q: How did your students react?

A: Students have been very supportive and kind.  I appreciate it!



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