New Changes to the Spanish Honor Society Tutoring Program for the 2018-2019 School Year

By Dia Gill | Web Editor In Chief

For any Avon Spanish student struggling with ser vs. estar, preterite conjugations, or pronunciation there is a community of upper-level Spanish students available to tutor every SRT. Members of the Spanish Honor Society are volunteering their SRTs to meet with students needing help.  

The tutoring program is not new to Avon High School, but is changing for the 2018-2019 school year. In years past, students would get passes to Señor Emmons’ classroom in the ALC where tutors from the Spanish Honor Society would be waiting. This year, students can get tutored in their Spanish teacher’s classroom. Senior Caroline Wadley, a member of the honor society’s leadership board, explained the process.  

“When students want free Spanish tutoring, they get a pass to their Spanish teacher’s SRT. A [Spanish Honor Society] member will be there to help them,” said Wadley.  

Changes were made to the program so that more students would consider participating and reaching out for help. 

“We hope that more students will take advantage of the program this year since it’s easier to get a pass to your own Spanish teacher’s SRT and the location is more familiar than the location [used] in previous years,” Wadley said. “All of Spanish Honor Society is ready to help.”  

Senior Megan Castrataro will be tutoring this year for the club and looks forward to her impact on other Spanish students.  

“I always look forward to those moments when you know something clicks in a student’s mind. Learning a foreign language isn’t easy, so each concept grasped is kind of like a mini victory. Hopefully, through tutoring, other Spanish students can come to love the language just like I have,” said Castrataro.  

The Spanish Honor Society is made up of Spanish IV and AP Spanish students. Beyond tutoring the club is involved in most school events, and hopes to broaden its community impact this year.  

“[Spanish Honor Society] will be present at school events throughout the year, such as Homecoming, Trunk or Treat, etc., but we have plans in the works to get out in the community this year,” Wadley explained.  



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