Newly Introduced Sushi Receives Positive Reviews From Students

By Tara Martin | Social Media Editor

Get your wallets ready, AHS. It is that time of the year to pick up an another shift at work, be extra nice to parents, or even dip into your college fund because you’re going to need it. For $6.75, students can purchase sushi for lunch every Friday.

The sushi is from Sushi Boss, a restaurant in downtown Indianapolis owned by Jason Hornberger. Hornberger opened up the restaurant four years ago near IUPUI’s campus and is now bringing four types of sushi rolls to Avon; California roll, spicy California roll, crunchy roll, and greenhouse roll, a vegetarian option.

“I am bringing these rolls on Fridays to Avon High School and they will be available for purchase in the ALC Cafe. I wanted to bring an awesome healthy addition to the lunch offerings at AHS,” Hornberger said.

Senior and first time sushi eater Noah Johnson was surprised by how good the sushi tasted and said that he would buy it again.

“It’s cold, but that was expected. Overall, I think the flavor combination comes together and creates a good spicy, genuine food. I definitely would buy this again but I don’t like soy sauce, so that’s a negative for me,” Johnson said. “Definitely worth the $7.”

Junior Ashley Holman said that as a vegan, sushi can occasionally be hard to find. Holman bought Sushi Boss’ vegetarian option, the greenhouse roll.

“A lot of [sushi] has legitimate meat,” Holman said. “The ones that I usually get are from restaurants and they’re usually just vegetables. I like those better. [Sushi with imitation meat] makes me feel a little bit more suspect.”

Senior Paola Morales said that the sushi was good and she would buy the suchi again, despite not tasting authentic.

“I think they could lower [the price] down a little bit, but it’s pretty good for a school lunch,” Morales said.

Senior Jaden Lane bought the crunchy roll and said that the sushi was really good and did not disappoint him.

“I’ve been excited about this for a month. I’m just glad it’s here, even if it is really expensive,” Lane said. “I probably won’t get it every week because of that [the price], but it is really good.”

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