Students Whose Parents Are Teachers or Administrators at AHS


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By Joseph Souza | Reporter

Dealing with teachers at school is trouble enough, but imagine taking them home with you. Believe it or not, teachers are people too, a shocking prospect with many implications. One of which is that they have kids who, like us, need an education, and where better than right here in Avon?

“Other people make it a bigger deal than what it is or what they want it to be,” said principal Matt Shockley.

Mr. Shockley has two kids here, Sam Shockley and Grace Shockley, a sophomore and a senior respectively. For him, his children go here less because of convenience and more because it’s his personal preference.

“I know other administrators have had different philosophies,” said Shockley. “My philosophy is that I want to live in the community I’m serving.”

Dr. Catherine Trinkle, an instructional coach, shares similar sentiments.

“I think it says a lot about Avon that we choose to live and work here,” she said. “That we want our kids to come to our school here.”

But surely there are some perks to having an administrator or teacher as a parent.

“For sure,” said junior Sophia Trinkle. “Teachers who don’t even know me think I’m the most trustworthy person or they think [I’m] a good student. [They] know this reputation of how my family is and they expect me to be like my sister or my mom.”

For sophomore Sam Shockley, it’s the complete opposite.

“[Teachers] don’t play favorites. It’s not like that,” said Sam Shockley.

Senior Owen Meyer, whose father is assistant principal Mr. Meyer, receives little, if any special treatment.

“I get into sporting events for free, that’s about it,” said Meyer. “In terms of privileges like getting me out of detention, not even my dad would do that.”

This reputation that these students retain tends to come with the drawback of higher academic and behavioral expectations from not only their parents, but their peers and teachers as well.

“I try my best not to put added pressure on them,” said Shockley. “Both of them probably already have pressure on themselves given the classes they’re taking.”

It should not be surprising that any teacher would want their children to attend Avon; furthermore, it should be comforting that our very own administrators trust the school enough to put their own kids through it.

“I’ve wanted them at Avon since I came here,” said Shockley. “I’m proud they’re here and to know that we’re all together in this community, and this school.”

Photos by Joseph Souza

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