Students Put On Pep Rally in Preparation for Homecoming Game

By Tara Martin | Social Media Editor

A pep rally is like a holiday. It comes once a year and fills everyone’s day with dare I say, pep. Spirit week created a slow burn for students as they anticipated the tailgate and homecoming football game. At the end of the school day on Sept. 21, before students went home in preparation for the main event, Avon High School gifted students with one last school spirit inducing activity, a pep rally.

The pep rally started off with a routine from the cheerleading squad. Sophomore Shaylee Thomas was excited about all of her peers watching the routine instead of the usual football crowd.

“When we were at practice we went over everything that we do at games and then we chose what type of stunts and what type of cheers that we want to do here,” Thomas said. “The competition cheer team is going to do some of their routine that they’ve been practicing really hard.”

A new addition to an annual tradition was the opportunity for female students to join the secret service. Typically, the role is only played by male seniors. Members of the secret service dress for success in a black suit with matching sunglasses, lining the corners of the gymnasium in pairs of two. The traditional skit involves two “nerds” running across the gym and the secret service grabbing them. Senior Karen Hutchings was one of the first female students to join the secret service for this year’s pep rally.

“I was asked by a member of student government,” Hutchings said. “We just came in, did a little practice skit, and talked about how we were going to capture the people.”

Tug of war was another act at the pep rally, being won by the senior class as usual. Junior Maria Davila helped represent the junior class in tug of war until they lost to the seniors.

“Honestly, it’s a rigged system because we all know that the senior class is going to come down [and win], but we’re going to try and flex and beat them,” Davila said.

Pep rally newcomer and freshmen Mason Devinney wanted to see each class at Avon High School come together as one during the Pep Rally.

“I’m excited about just seeing everything that goes down because I know I’ve heard people talk about these things for a long time,” Devinney said. “I’ve heard these things are amazing to go to.”


Photos by Brannigan Watson

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