Avon Swim Team Loses to Plainfield in Second Meet of Season (Slideshow)

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By Tara Martin | Social Media Editor

“Avon Relay.” The chant is unmistakable. A few dozen athletes line the edge of the pool in hopes of getting the closest they can without falling in. This is the Avon relay, the main event. The score, at least for now, doesn’t matter. In this moment, Avon needs to cheer the loudest and hopefully swim the fastest.

On Nov. 28, the boy’s and girl’s swim team faced Plainfield in their second meet of the season. Despite placing second in the swimming portion of the relay, they did cheer the loudest. The boy’s team lost 96-84 and the girl’s followed suit with a score of 106.5-79.5

Junior Sadie Bodin could not remember that last time Avon had lost to Plainfield.

“I hope [our season] is going to go okay but I’m not really sure at this point,” Bodin said. “This is a big meet for us.”

Junior Mark Santiago said that the meet confirmed that Plainfield would be a big challenger for Avon this season.

“We just raced Plainfield and they put up a pretty good fight. I think they’re going to come pretty hard for country and sectionals,” Santiago said. “I think they’re our biggest threat.”

As the meet came to a close with a win for Plainfield, all the swimmers from both teams jumped into the pool once more for a “birthday swim.”

“The birthday swim is a tradition we have. They just swim a 50 yard butterfly swim and all we have to do is try and drown them as much as possible with kickboards,” Santiago said. “It gets pretty hard sometimes.”

No swimmers were injured in the making of this article.

Photos by Tara Martin

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