Ms. Patton Visits Japan over Fall Break

By Brannigan Watson | Web Managing Editor

While popular break destinations include Florida and Mexico, science teacher, Ms. Patton had a rather different trip over fall break. The Echo decided to catch up with her to learn about her travels.

Why did you choose to go to Japan?

One of my best friends, Alishia, has been traveling throughout Southeast Asia since Thanksgiving last year. She is currently working in Australia and was able to schedule a break in her work for us to meet. Both of us love Japanese food and had never traveled there, so we chose to meet in Tokyo.

How long did you go?
We were both there for 12 days.

Where did you go in Japan?
We went to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima.

Is it something you’ve been planning for a long time?
We planned our trip last spring and got the finer details in the days leading up to the trip.

What things did you go see?
We saw an incredible baseball game in Hiroshima, rode the bullet train, tons of temples and shrines, and explored the downtown areas of Osaka and Tokyo.

What were some of the most interesting things you saw?
The baseball games were outstanding and the crowd was electric. There were cheers for every single player and play. Each team even had their own marching band to lead the crowd.

Would you go back?
I’d absolutely go back.

Did you bring back anything really cool and different?
I brought back a ton of food for my friends and family.

What was your most memorable moment from the trip?
Alishia and I struggled to find our seats at the baseball game. Once we found our section all of the seats were taken. Instead of waiting around, we grabbed some fried octopus and edamame and stood at the entrance of the sections to view the game. This is when an older Japanese gentleman tapped Alishia’s shoulder; he offered us two seats among his family. For the rest of the game the family would attempt to teach us cheers and share their food with us. None of them spoke English, so there was a lot of miming, but everyone was so friendly that we felt right at home.

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