Introducing New Senior Counselor Mr. Jaskoski

By Megan Williams | Reporter

Exposed to a new environment could be difficult, not for this counselor. This past October, Avon High School welcomed a new senior guidance Counselor Mr. Jaskoski.  

Jaskoski has been a school counselor for 30 years, starting in Illinois. Coming to Indianaoplis in 2000 to work at Cathedral as a Director of Guidance and College Advising, Jaskoski said he enjoys seeing seniors think through the process of their lives.  

 “The best thing(s) about working with seniors is listening to the goals and dreams they have for themselves and then working with them to further those plans,” Jaskoski said. “Whether it’s college, work, military, or just taking a year off I really enjoy seeing them think through the process.” 

Jaskoski came to Avon a couple months into the year, so it means a lot of quick catching up. Based on experience, nothing is of surprise. 

“After this many years nothing in education really surprises me. The most challenging aspect has been to try and meet all of my seniors. Starting the first week of October means doing a lot of catch up but I’m steadily getting there,” Jaskoski said. 

Jaskoski enjoys helping students reach their dreams and hopes to do his part the best way possible. According to Jaskoski, Avon has a great reputation and hopes to meet the standard to give students the best experience 

“[I hope] to hopefully be seen as someone who cares about his students and works hard to help them whether it’s academics, personal/social concerns, or college and career,” Jaskoski said when asked about what he hopes to accomplish at Avon.

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