Slideshow: Art Classes Hold ‘Art Drop’

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By Joseph Souza | Reporter

On Wednesday, December 12th, Ms. Simms and a handful of her students from various art courses decided to make it a bit more special for the student body. During the last SRT of the semester, they spent their time sorting, counting, and adding the finishing touches to their miniature pieces of art before descending down the commons to deck the halls with their “tiny pieces”, an early Christmas if you will. Every piece was of a different style, whether it be a replica of a famous painting, a ceramic, or a meme, and each was signed by their respective designers. Those fortunate enough to discover the crafts first were encouraged to keep them, including junior Harley Foxworthy.

“I loved it. I really hope more people do it next semester,” she said. “It seems like a lot of fun to create a piece for it.”

Luckily for Foxworthy, the art syndicate has no plans of halting production, as senior Trip Newton explains.

“I think more will [participate] for sure,” she said. “We’re really busy right now but the next one will be after we’ve submitted our AP portfolios, so we’ll have more time to put into more tiny pieces.”



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