Students Reminisce About Their Elementary School Days

Elshadai Aberra | Social Media Editor

As high school reaches its considerably most stressful time of the school year (excluding finals week), the Echo decided to ask students what they miss most about life before the stress, extracurriculars, and complicated relationships; more specifically, life in elementary school. Here’s what we found:

“I definitely miss recess. Most of my favorite memories are from recess.”

Drake Heitman, 12

“The thing that I miss the most are the field days because they were really fun and it was a whole school thing that everyone did. It was just a great way to end the year.”

Kajal Kaur, 9

“I miss how easy it was.”

Andrea Parks, 10

“[I miss] recess for sure.”

Mark Santiago, 11

“I honestly just miss going outside with friends and doing random stuff. Like playing tag and whatnot.”

Abdur-Rahim Saleem, 9

“What I miss most about elementary school is having all of the different elective classes during the week. I just remember those classes were always my favorite because they were a break in my day and were so much fun!”

Allexis Dorsey, 12

“The thing I miss most would probably be no drama and the innocence everyone had and how no one had any cares in the world.”

Alex Armstrong, 11

“My first girlfriend was my favorite memory. We’d hold hands in the hallways and stuff, it was great.”

Jeronimo Davila, 10

“I miss how carefree it was because no one cared about what you did and it was a lot more laid-back.”

Alanna Walls, 10

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