Nathan Brown and Cameron Secrest Act in Bring It On: The Musical

Oliver Brobeck | Reporter

Stereotypical high school drama; friendships, rumors, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, all represented in Bring It On: The Musical. At Footlite Musicals in Indianapolis, a story unfolded about the cheerleading rivalry between Truman and Jackson High Schools. With music and lyrics written by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bring It On brought in both new and old faces to the musical scene. Avon seniors Nathan Brown and Cameron Secrest both landed spots in the show, marking Brown’s 34th production and Secrest’s 8th.

Brown, playing a lead role of a DJ named Randall, said that the audition process was distinguishable from musicals put on by the high school.

“We had to prepare our own song instead of being taught one on the spot. So we had to prepare, preferably the chorus and a verse of a song that was not from Bring It On, and perform it,” Brown said.

Brown prepared the song “For Forever” from Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen.

“There were only nine guys all together who auditioned. There are probably four guy parts in [the show,]” Brown said.

The production was for kids aged 13-18, pulling in a younger crowd as opposed to upper level, professional musicals. In the show, Brown’s favorite scene is when he sings the song “Friday Night, Jackson.”

“It’s a very big party number, and it’s so much fun to sing and dance to. That’s where I have my first solo, and that’s where I fall in love with Campbell,” Brown said.

Secrest played a Truman cheerleader, dancing with the other squad members and securing a solo in the song “Cross The Line.” Sporting a shirt that said “TRUMAN HIGH,” Secrest jumped and high-kicked his way across the stage.

“My favorite part of the show was branching off and trying something new. I’d never done anything like cheerleading before; I was never into gymnastics or being flexible, so this was a step in a different direction for me, and I’m really proud that I made it through in one piece,” Secrest said.

Word of Brown and Secrest’s involvement in the musical made it’s way to Avon Thespian Troupe 8320 director Ms. Caitlyn Spires.

“I am so proud that Nathan and Cameron continue to be Avon students who branch out and do theatre in other areas of the community,” Spires said.

Photograph by Gary Nelson

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