Raymond Rioux Wrestles His Way to Hungary

Mason Trimmer | Reporter

Senior Raymond Rioux won’t just be a local wrestler for much longer; after placing second at state last season, Rioux will travel to Hungary later this month for wrestling training and practices.

Rioux said that he got an invitation to the event through a connection to one of the event planners and hopes it will be a big benefit.

“I don’t necessarily know who’s all coaching it and everything, but I’m assuming they’ll be sure they know what they’re doing, and it’ll be a good deal,” Rioux said.

One thing Rioux said that he is very excited for is to see how wrestling is coached and done in Hungary, as the sport is a lot larger and difference in that region of the world

“The way they wrestle and the way they practice is different in Hungary as opposed to here, so I’m just excited to see how they do things,” Rioux said.

Rioux also said that he could possibly further a wrestling career by gaining international exposure through the event and is excited to have the opportunity to reunite with a friend he met over a previous trip.

“I went overseas for spring break last year and I met a guy who lives in Hungary,” Rioux said. “Me and him are pretty good friends and we’ve kept in contact so I’m excited to see him again.”

Rioux said that he will be keeping a close eye on what is taught in Hungary as it could be beneficial information to bring back to Avon.

“When I see how they doing things, maybe there’s something here or there that they do better than us, and I’ll bring that back and just show it to everybody, and we’ll decide as a team if it makes us better or not,” Rioux said.

Avon wrestling head coach Zach Errett said that this will be a great opportunity for Rioux, as Hungary is a place with a great wrestling tradition. With the valuable experience Rioux will be gaining for wrestling, Errett also said that this will be a great living experience for Rioux as well.

“He will be able to learn and experience new cultures firsthand,” Errett said. “That experience is something that is going to help him his entire life.”

Rioux said that Coach Errett has always had his back, even before he was head coach, and that Rioux has always known he could trust and talk to him. As for teammates, Rioux couldn’t pick.

“All of my teammates have helped me, I can’t choose just choose one,” Rioux said. “They’re all just so important.”


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