Keeping Up With The Clubs: Calligraphy

Hanna Walker | Reporter

This year, Avon High School students have started a calming club based around calligraphy and community service.

Calligraphy Club Secretary Hayden Sawyer has been doing calligraphy for about two years and is excited to share his passion for it with others. 

“It’s honestly kind of therapeutic, it’s a good way to just get out your stress and anxiety and things like that,” Sawyer said. “It’s a very relaxing art form.”

All levels of expertise are welcome to join, from beginning calligrapher to expert. The goal of the club is to be a space where members can come, relax, and have a good time. Club Sponsor Mara Sigmon and officers want to teach students about the art form and help spread joy through it.

“It’s a really positive space, everybody here is really accepting. Even if you don’t know anything about calligraphy, people are here to help you learn if you want to. It’s just a very open and welcoming environment,” Sigmon said.

“Calligraphy lessons can be really expensive, so having the opportunity to learn simple calligraphy at school can be really fun,” Sigmon said.

The club is planning on using their art to spread holiday spirit to those in need as a creative act of community service.

“We will be writing and distributing holiday cards for people in need such as hospital patients to bring some joy,” Sigmon said. 

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