Avon Choir Throws Annual Fall Fling

Lexi Carmack | Reporter

The stage lights come up, and the Black and Gold Choir begins the 2019 Fall Fling. Every year, all of the choirs perform two or three songs that they have been working on since the beginning of the year. Because this is their first performance of the year, the students are all eager to sing for their family and friends. 

“Nothing is more amazing then knowing all of our hard work has paid off,” junior Grace Hicks says. 

Junior Ellie Livingston said that the Fall Fling is also a time to support those in other classes.

“I like seeing all of the other choirs perform their new songs,” Livingston says.

Mr. Gamble and Mrs. Trigg instruct Avon’s choir classes, sometimes together, sometimes apart depending on the specific choir.

 “Mr. Gamble really pushes me and the choir to be the best singers we can be and prepares us for the future,” junior Alexa Margolius said, “Mrs. Trigg makes Accents a family and has helped me become more confident in my voice.”

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