Keeping Up With The Clubs: History

Maranda Frazier | Reporter

The worst president in U.S. history, The Cold War, The Library of Alexandria. Finding a similarity among these three topics may be hard for some, but not for Avon High School’s History Club.

History Club President Jacob Van Wagner has been interested in history since fourth grade where his fascination first branched from military history.

“I soon started hitting every topic, because I began to find something important in them all,” Van Wagner said.

Van Wagner pitched the idea of a history club because of the lack of coverage of historical events by Avon High School. History Club is a learning environment for all students to come and broaden their knowledge of the past.

“I realized that a lot of people do not know what they should about history, which is wrong. The only thing I could possibly do to correct it was to create a club,” Van Wagner said.

Club Member Destiny Law said that she hopes to learn more from past mistakes people have made in history through this club in hopes of a better future.

“I like learning more about history besides what is taught in classes because not everything is covered,” Law said. “There’s a lot of fun things in history as well as things we shouldn’t repeat.”

History Club is aimed at all students no matter how much or little they know about history. The overall goal is to start up a conversation and spread knowledge among members. Law said that attending meetings has made her more aware of events of the past already.

“A lot of people want to delve deeper into history, and that’s what this club will allow more than classes can because we don’t have a curriculum,” Law said.


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