Speech and Debate Team Kicks Off Season at Southport

Tara Martin | Web Editor-in-Chief

The prompt was a pack of Swedish Fish.

That’s what students enrolled in the impromptu category had to talk about during their portion of the Speech and Debate Tournament. The meet was held at Southport High School on Saturday, Nov. 9. Over 450 students from 39 different schools participated.

Though Avon did not place in the top five, Speech and Debate Club President Sriya Koganti said that she was impressed with much of the club’s performance for their first tournament of the year.

“A lot of new people placed,” Koganti said. “There were a lot of sophomores that placed in varsity and that’s really good. I think the freshmen have room to improve for sure, but the sophomores have it down and they can keep doing what they’re doing.”

Avon students with placing entries include Halima Alloosh, Sophia Garcia, Lina Im, Elizabeth Jannotta, Faith Kipkilei, Katherine Langford, Krishna Lathish, and Lily Smith.

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