Keeping Up With The Clubs: Ultimate Challenge Club

Kaitlyn Mason | Reporter

After being missing-in-action for the 2018-2019 academic year, Ultimate Challenge Club has risen from the dead. With sophomore Tava Koehl as president and sophomore Michael Vetter serving as vice president, the club is back in action at Avon High School.

“The club lost sponsors in 2016-2017 and just kind of fell off,” Koehl said.

Now, the club has two sponsors: Meghan Goers and Jeanette Olenjeck. With their help, the Ultimate Challenge Club challenges fellow clubs and sports teams in what they’re best at, and attempts to beat the pros at their own game.

“We are working on planning our next event and challenge,” Koehl said.

While the point of the club is to “beat the pros,” anyone is welcome to join. No certain skill set is required to join in on the fun. Goers said the club doesn’t require any major commitment.

“Our club is just a way for students to be part of a group, meet new people, and have fun,” Goers said. “It doesn’t require any kind of expertise. Club members can come to meetings and challenges as they are able.”

Ultimate Challenge Club’s first challenge was on Nov. 13 against the Quiz Bowl team in a game of Jeopardy. Goers said that even though the club lost miserably, it was a fun activity.

“We are working to plan more challenges this year and are looking for other groups around the school who are up for a challenge,” Goers said.

Ultimate Challenge Club meets twice a month: one hour delay days and the last Wednesday of the month. The meetings occur in B209 from 3-4 p.m. on these days.

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