Briana Begeman Models in Midwest Fashion Week

Kaitlyn Mason | Reporter

Lights! Camera! Strike a pose! These are terms Sophomore Briana Begeman is used to after starting her modeling career in September 2019. Starring most recently in the Midwest Fashion Week, she walked several designer pieces such as Elan Furs and Maria Mauro Crochet. The Midwest Fashion Week took place in the Indianapolis Arts Garden on Nov. 22. Begeman said this has been one of her favorite modeling experiences thus far.

“It was such a memorable night,” Begeman said.

While she is newer to the industry, Begeman said she is working with her agent to create a portfolio to get her name out there into bigger places and agencies. Some of her goals are to be signed with Ford Models or Elite. Her agents have workshops to help her achieve these dreams.

“I did have a casting with Finish Line, but I have braces,” said Begeman. “Finish Line doesn’t want their clients to have braces, so I have to wait until I get mine off to have another casting.”

Begeman’s love for the camera is what inspired her to get into the modeling world. She said expressing styles through multiple poses is an art to her. It also gives her a chance to explore her creativity in regard to fashion and shopping. It’s an outlet to experiment. 

“I sent in an application to my agency, who is Rune Model Management. I got a call back and I signed my first modeling contract,” Begeman said.

Begeman’s number one piece of advice to any inspiring models is to be determined and learn to manage your time. Begeman said while the modeling industry can be nerve wracking, practicing posing and walks can make it easier. 

“Modeling is a way to grow yourself and show what is unique about you,” Begeman said. “It can be overwhelming here and there, but you won’t regret being a part of such a fun industry.”


Photo submitted by Briana Begeman

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