Senior Prabhvir Lakhan Trolled by Former Colts Punter Pat McAfee

During the Dec. 30 edition of The Pat McAfee Show, senior Prabhvir Lakhan called in to ask a question about the Colts’ quarterback situation. Pat McAfee took his call but then proceeded to prank Lakhan by not responding. What ensued was 25 seconds of dead air, during which Lakhan said “Hello?” five times while the show’s co-hosts and producers were seen stifling their laughter.

Finally McAfee responded, acknowledging the prank and complimenting Lakhan: “You were panicking but you handled yourself well,” McAfee said.

The two then talked football. Lakhan asked McAfee whether quarterback Jacoby Brissett should remain the Colts quarterback next season. Talk then shifted to the Colts’ first round draft pick, and whether Oregon’s Justin Herbert should be a target at No. 13.

See the interaction here. The clip involving Lakhan begins at 1:24:19.


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