Students vs. Part-Time Jobs: Does it Impact Schoolwork?

Kaitlyn Mason | Web Managing Editor

Let’s be honest: we all love getting an extra buck or two. While some students put their focus strictly on school, others concern themselves with working and earning their own money, but does this impact their grades and academic career?

For senior Mackie Phillips, she feels like her job at Panda Express is a healthy balance.

“I limit the amount of work I get at school by taking an internship and working in class,” said Phillips.

Phillips said her reason for working is to support herself and her many pets, including her rats, fish, and dog. For her, balancing both work and school isn’t something she finds herself struggling with.

“Our manager is very understanding and hardly has an issue [with working around school schedules],” said Phillips.

Like Phillips, senior Matthew Spinazze shares a similar experience with his job at Bisque Barn. Unless he’s procrastinated, his four hour shifts typically don’t interfere with his homework.

“My manager works really well with us and always tells us to prioritize school over work,” said Spinazze.

Spinazze works to gain money for the activities he enjoys. For him, having a job in high school is worth it.

“I love my job,” said Spinazze. “It’s super fun and doesn’t feel like work most of the time.”

However, junior Skylar Jakresky said her job at Jump N’ Play sometimes makes her feel like she’s on a time crunch, making her stay up late to finish assignments.

“I only work weekends and that’s when I do my homework,” said Jakresky.

Despite the stress and struggles that can come with her job, Jakresky said she enjoys the experience.

“My mom really wanted me to get a job,” said Jakresky. “Working there really makes you test yourself and truly work for your money.”

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