SNHS Hosts “Ori-¡Olé! Café”, A Unique Way to Get Extra Credit in Spanish

Mira Branham | Reporter

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¡Bienvenidos al Ori-¡Olé¡ Café!

On Wed., Jan. 29, the Spanish National Honor Society (SNHS) hosted their first Ori-¡Olé¡ Café of the semester. Once a month, club members, led by Spanish teacher Jared Emmons and a leadership team, set up the ALC Cafeteria with food, coffee, activities, and games for all five levels of Spanish offered at Avon High School.

According to Emmons and the SNHS webpage, the focus of the club is for students to learn to speak Spanish with the upper-level Spanish students and play fun games… with a little incentive.

“These are good opportunities to practice Spanish and enjoy some delicious food,” Emmons said. “Also, most Spanish teachers offer extra credit points for the students that attend the cafés.”

SNHS co-president and senior Grant Landes said that the club started the idea of an after-school group event after an abundance of language students requested the free tutoring they also offer.

“We have cafés in order to promote the Spanish language and improve the skills of the students that are not in AP Spanish or Spanish IV,” Landes said. “We try to incorporate all the aspects of Spanish fluency into the café so that they can improve their skills and be more prepared for the more advanced Spanish courses.”

Since the formation of the café, the only thing that’s changed is how students can attend. Starting last semester, those interested were required to sign up via a Schoology link posted monthly.

Junior Brandon Qiu said the café provides a fun, easy way to practice Spanish and meet new people.

“They’re super flexible, so you can go for half an hour or the full time, which is really convenient,” Qiu said. “I got to learn a bit more Spanish, and I think it was really just a good experience.”

For more information and resources, visit the SNHS homepage and keep an eye out for the café in March!

Photos submitted by SNHS.

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