Black and Gold Schedule; Avon Students’ Thoughts on it (Quote Collection)

Grady Wang | Reporter

“In class, [it] can be really hard to focus for that period of time but there’s less homework which is nice.” Grace Smith, 11

“It’s okay, not much is thrown at us at once so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming.” Daniella Aleman,9

“I really like the black/gold schedule but I don’t think it goes well with the hybrid schedule but what can you do about it.” Gerry Baltierra, 10

“I think for the teachers it’s a good thing but having 85 minute classes is too long. I also think having the four lunches isn’t the best because some kids are eating at 11 while some are eating at 1. I also think it doesn’t benefit us in the fact that most people aren’t going to remember the 2-3 lessons that some teachers teach in the 85 minutes.” Bayleigh Wilkerson, 12

“I don’t like them only because the class periods are long, making each class longer than most people wish. The students attention span is shortened when you consider the factors of sleepiness and disabilities. And when you have these longer classes it causes them to not learn as effectively as they or the school wish.” Billy Raper, 10

“I think it’s fine. I like having longer schedules because there’s more time to get work done in class.” Kira Verburg,11

“I like the new schedule because I never have the same class two days in a row. Which is especially nice when you have a class on Fridays then you don’t go back until Tuesday so you get a lot of time to do the homework.” Jazmynn Peterson, 12

“I think they’re nice. Having 4 classes a day is good but classes are so long which is annoying but you have more class time to finish homework and stuff too.” Angel Kaur, 9 

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