Meet This Year’s NHS Officers

Sofia Breuer | Web Managing Editor

What made you want to be a part of NHS?

Sam Crook: I saw an opportunity to improve myself and those around me and decided to go for it.

Sam Miller: I knew I wanted to be a part of NHS because I am interested in community service and I knew that NHS was a very respectable extracurricular that would show colleges I’m a good student and a good person.

Sophia Ko: I was really excited for the volunteering aspect of NHS and I realized that I wanted to take up a leadership position to play a bigger role.

David Enz: I was looking for another way to get involved with something meaningful in the school.

Summer Beg: I dreamed of being part of the Avon Chapter of NHS since I was just a freshman. I always knew it would be a memorable and rewarding experience. I decided to join so I could meet new people, serve our community, and strengthen my leadership skills.

Can you describe what your role is in NHS?

Sam Crook: I am the president of the club. I set meeting agendas, lead discussions, communicate with club sponsors, and delegate to other members of NHS to try and develop their leadership skills as well.

Sam Miller: My role in NHS is to support our members and make sure their voice is heard. All officers are working together to plan the monthly meetings and look for fun volunteer activities to share with members and plan a big community project that all members can participate in for service hours.

Sophia Ko: This year, I am the publicity officer so I will be mostly in charge of distributing information about meeting dates and times, social media, and online responsibilities.

David Enz: I take attendance for meetings and am in charge of logging all members’ service hours.

Summer Beg: I am the recording secretary so I will be at all of the NHS meetings and events! I will be taking notes over what is being discussed and will post them on our Schoology page. I am going to be working closely with Sophia Ko to post all of our club activities on various socials.

What are some of the ways you hope to impact the school?

Sam Crook: My main purpose in becoming a part of NHS is to show others the leader in themselves.

Sam Miller: I hope that all members can meet their requirement and I want to come up with new and unique ways to help the community, even with COVID.

Sophia Ko: I hope to encourage others to help out with the community and continue to be engaged even in the years beyond high school.

David Enz: I want to help create a relaxed vibe for NHS to try and keep stress low for seniors but still keep it an impactful experience.

Summer Beg: I hope we can all be positive role models to the students at Avon High school. I want to motivate lower classmen to work hard so they can be a part of our incredible chapter as well. I hope I am able to help the students and staff at AHS whenever they need it.

What do you think is the most important part about being in NHS?

Sam Crook: NHS is comprised of model students from all corners of the school. The most critical part of being a leader in the club as well as the school is doing what you ask others to do.

Sam Miller: The most important part of NHS is making an impact. This doesn’t have to be changing the world or the school, but little acts go a long way. Community service is a great way to learn more about Avon and meet new people while doing something helpful.

Sophia Ko: The most important part of NHS is helping out with the community but also having lots of fun while doing so!

David Enz: The most important part is definitely the service.

Summer Beg: I think the most important part about being involved in NHS is actively displaying the four characteristics, which include character, scholarship, leadership, and service. You should be a person of good character, be academically disciplined, have the ability to serve as a leader, and be willing to help your community.

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