Avon’s Choir Department Hosts First Concert of the Year

Nuhamin Demeku | Reporter

On September 15, Avon High School’s choir department hosted their annual Fall Fling. Each choir got to perform two pieces they had been working on since the beginning of the year and students had the opportunity to perform solos and duets. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, seats were limited.

This year the concert was split into two groups; group one: Oriole Choir, Attraction, and Accents from 6 to 6:45 and group two: Black & Gold, Concert Choir, Allegros ,and Chamber Singers from 7:30 to 8:15. Group one viewers got to also witness a duet by senior Alexa Margolius and junior Jon Grimes along with a solo performed by junior Camden Zetty.

“I could care less if I had to wear a mask! I was just happy to be on stage again,” said Margolius. “It can be difficult to sing and dance with a mask on and learn music on a hybrid schedule, but everyone put in a lot of effort to make fall fling the best it could be. I am just very thankful for the school even letting us have a concert!

Photos by Nuhamin Demeku

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