AHS Students’ Reactions to Presidential Election (Quote Collection)

Katherine Langford | Reporter

Though most AHS students couldn’t vote in this year’s presidential election, the Echo asked around to find Avon’s reaction to the victory of president-elect, Joe Biden.

“I mean. If there is election fraud then they should recount but if not Biden won and he’s my president now. I support him and hope he does what’s best for the country and I think everyone should do that.” Hunter Cook, 9

“While Trump still has an extremely thin path to victory through the courts, it is extremely likely Biden will win. Additionally, while Democrats may have taken the presidency, Republicans took the Senate and flipped several seats in the House.” Chris Quinney, 10

“I wasn’t really surprised; I was just really worried as to what other people’s reactions would be.” Ian Brooks, 10

“Very excited!” Ainsley Foster, 11

“Very very happy.” Olivia Habing, 10

“I was so happy I almost cried, especially for Kamala doing what so many thought wouldn’t happen for years.” Samantha Fialkow, 10

“As long as Biden makes a full term, we’re going to have a good 4 years. However, I am in fear of gun rights being taken away.” Kaleon Stoffeahn, 10

“Let’s take this country back!” Zainab Syed, 10

“Hopefully everyone can get used to socialism.” Evan Lee, 11

“I can finally go back to being proud of my President and Vice President. A win for America.” Abbey Kelley, 11

“Happy.” Sriya Koganti, 12

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