Sensei Ramirez Nominated as Secondary Teacher of the Year by the Association of Indiana Japanese Teachers

Sofia Breuer | Web Managing Editor

AHS teacher Amanda Ramirez, who teaches Japanese, recently won foreign language teacher of the year. Ramirez was nominated by the Association of Indiana Japanese Teachers.

“I knew there was a possibility [of me winning], but I didn’t expect it,” said Ramirez. “I feel honored to have been chosen.”

Ramirez said that in the selection process, different language groups have to submit a portfolio to the Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association. From there, they are graded with a rubric for certain criteria by the vice-presidents of all the different language organizations.

Ramirez said she felt bittersweet about receiving the award.

“I am genuinely honored to receive such an award, but I am also sad because my classroom during COVID can’t be like it normally would be,” Ramirez said.

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