AHS Hosts Activity Fair

Mason Trimmer | Reporter Once a year, every club at Avon High School gets a day dedicated to expressing their features to new and returning students. This year was no different, with various clubs coming together at the Activity Fair for students to browse, each with varying interests and expectations. This was no different for freshman Leah Crook, who’s planning on joining Creative Writing Club. … Continue reading AHS Hosts Activity Fair

Keeping Up With The Clubs: Creative Writing

Olivia Green | Reporter If you have a passion for writing and want to express your creative side then Avon High School’s Creative Writing Club is the club for you. The creative writing club is a club where you can practice your passion of writing. Within the club, members do various activities such as; poetry slams, writing prompts, and free writing. The club meets every … Continue reading Keeping Up With The Clubs: Creative Writing