AHS Hosts Activity Fair

Mason Trimmer | Reporter

Once a year, every club at Avon High School gets a day dedicated to expressing their features to new and returning students. This year was no different, with various clubs coming together at the Activity Fair for students to browse, each with varying interests and expectations.

This was no different for freshman Leah Crook, who’s planning on joining Creative Writing Club. Crook said she looks forward to being with people who have the same interests as her, as well as being with a smaller group of people.

“I like how it’s less teacher-run than some of the other clubs,” Crook said. “I feel like some are more teacher-run and mandated whereas [in Creative Writing Club] I feel it’s more student-run.”

While students were looking at clubs that cater to their interests, club presidents spent their time advertising and convincing their peers to join. Senior and Japanese Olympiad President Emma Simmons did just that, saying that people who wanted to join Japanese Olympiad should just go for it.

“Our main goals for Japanese Olympiad is to basically just have fun, get a little closer to each other, and learn more about Japanese,” Simmons said.

The clubs set up were very diverse, ranging from French Club and German Club to Interact Club and Model United Nations. However, clubs weren’t the only thing set up. Student Government also had a booth, showing what’s going on early in the year. Freshman Katherine Langford said that increasing student involvement as well as school spirit are the main focuses of student government this year and dove into some of the plans for this semester.

“I think the tailgate will be really fun,” Langford said. “For the pep rally we’re doing Hungry Hungry Hippos, so that should be really fun.”


Photo by Tyler Pelley

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