Keeping Up With The Clubs: Creative Writing

Olivia Green | Reporter

If you have a passion for writing and want to express your creative side then Avon High School’s Creative Writing Club is the club for you.

The creative writing club is a club where you can practice your passion of writing. Within the club, members do various activities such as; poetry slams, writing prompts, and free writing. The club meets every other Wednesday, and the club sponsor is 9th grade English teacher Mr. Meacham. The creative writing club is recommended to those who want to express themselves through their own writing.

The club is dedicated to showing how to show your creativity in writing. The club’s president senior Caroline Wadley said she wanted to become president because of the cathartic benefits of writing.

“In the club, you get to express yourself through your writing and that was something I wanted to be a part of. My main duties in the club are designing the meetings and coming up with the writing activities we do each week,” Wadley said.

In the creative writing club, they do many different writing prompts and numerous amounts of other writing activities. Club officer, Skylar Jakresky said the club’s meetings are filled with fun activities.

“We have this particular activity where we start one writing prompt and switch computers. After you keep switching, the stories don’t make sense anymore which is pretty fun,” Jakresky said.

There are many perceptions around creative writing. Many people want to know what it is all about. Vice President, junior Amber Hatfield said that to her, creative writing is all about individuality and communication.

“To me, creative writing means expressing your ideas and thoughts and being able to open up your ideas with friends and the new people you meet,” Hatfield said.

Overall, this club is a way to put your thoughts and ideas into your own stories. It gives you the chance to meet new people and share how you feel with others. Sponsor Mr. Meacham said members submitted their writing into a competition.

“We paid submission to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. That is something we want to build up and even expand outside of the club,” Meacham said. “We want to encourage writing all over the school.”


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