Merry Chr- no. Happy Holidays! (OPINION PIECE)

Elshadai Aberra | Web Editor-in-Chief Despite what you may think after reading this article, no, I am not the grinch. I am just your average thoughtful andconsiderate gen Z kid, looking to make America a more accepting place each and every day. You may ask, “whatdoes Christmas have to do with that, Elshadai?” Well, let me educate you. Imagine you walk into a random public … Continue reading Merry Chr- no. Happy Holidays! (OPINION PIECE)

Holiday Traditions at Avon

Kellie Reynolds | Reporter Many people enjoy the holidays in their own way with family, friends, and special traditions. Whether that be with a present on Christmas Eve, or a special dinner, it’s always the most wonderful time of the year.  Freshman Morgan Jones said that her family all gets together at her aunt’s house to have a family night before Christmas. “My siblings and … Continue reading Holiday Traditions at Avon

When’s the Right Time to be Jolly? QUOTE COLLECTION

Zander Evans | Reporter Every year, stores seem to put up those reds and greens earlier and earlier. Many people find this infuriating, saying it is too early to start this jolly season. Others say that it’s never too early to put up a Christmas Tree. So when is the correct time to be jolly? “The time to be jolly is whenever November ends and … Continue reading When’s the Right Time to be Jolly? QUOTE COLLECTION