Holiday Traditions at Avon

Kellie Reynolds | Reporter

Many people enjoy the holidays in their own way with family, friends, and special traditions. Whether that be with a present on Christmas Eve, or a special dinner, it’s always the most wonderful time of the year. 

Freshman Morgan Jones said that her family all gets together at her aunt’s house to have a family night before Christmas.

“My siblings and I watch movies upstairs and the adults stay downstairs to do a white elephant and make dinner,” Jones said. “The kids will play games upstairs and watch whatever movies they can find. We have a big family, and I don’t really know them all, but I enjoy spending time with them; catching up with my family and spending time with them would be my favorite part of the day.”

Senior Kayla Clemens said every year her family watches “The Polar Express” on Christmas Eve, and takes intermissions to replicate scenes. They also wear pajamas and enjoy each other’s company.

“We pause the movie to make hot chocolate and then we settle back down and finish the movie,” said Clemens. “We normally open a present before midnight and then head to bed for Christmas the next day.”

Freshman Ara Adams says that her family makes traditional German food and desserts. Adams’ family spends time together and helps make dinner with whoever has decided to cook that year.

“I help cook when I can. We make Rouladen and other deserts,” said Adams. “My favorite part would probably be getting to eat and help make the Rouladen.”

When the holidays arrive and you become stressed from family visiting, school wrapping up, and gift ideas, don’t forget the importance of the holidays. Spend time creating fun new memories or traditions with your family. It’s never too late to have a little fun during your holiday season.


“We always set our tree up the day after Thanksgiving.” Madeline Herman, 9

“We stay in our pajamas all day, turn the fireplace on, and listen to Christmas tunes.” Leo Brown, 11

“On my mom’s side of the family we go to my papa’s house.” Brayden Cline, 10

“On Christmas Eve we open one present. The morning of Christmas Eve all of the grandkids go to my grandma’s and bake cookies.” Sarah Compton, 12

“A week or two before Christmas, the girls in my family get together and make a ton of different cookies for my family.” Sophia Crowe, 9

“Every year on Christmas, my mom’s side of the family goes over to my aunt’s house and we play card games all night after we eat.” Katie Lavy, 11

“My parents hide a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree and whoever finds it gets $20.00. The tradition comes from Germany.” Mack Khlan, 11

“We just pass out gifts, have family, and eat food.” Cayden Collins, 10

“My favorite tradition is going to the Christmas Eve service at my church and coming home to get our Christmas pajamas.” Brooklyn Coone, 10

“My favorite Christmas tradition is going to candle light service on Christmas Eve and then in the morning we have egg bake and open presents.” Mackenzie Taylor, 10

“Cookie decorating contest, the winner gets to open the first present.” Chase Clements, 10

“We hide a glass pickle in our tree every year.” Kendall Brown, 9

“We have a secret santa each year.” Rachel Redmond, 11

“I go out to Olive Garden on Christmas Eve with my cousins.” Elliot Kolpien, 11

“My family and my best friends’ families have a Christmas gift exchange the Saturday before Christmas. Every year we take turns buying each other three-way mismatched fuzzy friendship socks.” Emma Cremeans, 10

Illustrations by Mira Branham

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