When’s the Right Time to be Jolly? QUOTE COLLECTION

Zander Evans | Reporter

Every year, stores seem to put up those reds and greens earlier and earlier. Many people find this infuriating, saying it is too early to start this jolly season. Others say that it’s never too early to put up a Christmas Tree. So when is the correct time to be jolly?

“The time to be jolly is whenever November ends and the snow starts falling.” Andrew Kelly, 12

“Right when November hits because Thanksgiving is just the prologue of Christmas”. Gneo Zaradulla, 11

“The right time to be jolly is in December when its Christmas time duh.” Dominic Esqueda, 12

“If you’re a rancher then always.” Fletcher Grimes, 12

“Around Thanksgiving time to December 1st.”  Gavin Whitfield, 10

“The right time to be jolly is a very personal thing. Some families begin festivities as soon as november, but really it’s up to you and your family. Personally, my family celebrates the night before, and the day of, with some mild festivities throughout December. If other families want to start the festivities early, that’s fine by me! Though, the stores need to chill it with the tunes.” Haven Hamelin, 11

“When you wake up, look outside, and see snow everywhere.” Jacob Branham, 10

“Week of Christmas Eve.” Victor Ogunsanya, 10

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