Senior Jael Johnson Receives Indiana Volleyball Player of the Year Award

By Tierra Harris | Web Editor-in-Chief

Last Sunday evening, senior Jael Johnson received the Indiana Volleyball Player of the Year Award. After being ranked as one of the top 50 incoming freshman for volleyball, Johnson plans to play for Purdue University next year. Her goals after college aren’t exactly for sure at the moment, but she wants to play volleyball overseas and eventually play in the Olympics.



When did you find out you won the award?

I found out Sunday evening while the awards were taking place. I couldn’t attend the ceremony due to a my volleyball nationals in California. I received several texts about it all at once then I checked twitter and things seemed to be blowing up.

How were you nominated?

I think that a coach nominated me for this award, but I am not totally sure how the process worked.

Describe how you felt when you received the award?

Honestly, I felt really surprised. I knew I was nominated but did not have any idea I had a chance to win. It was surreal! I was kind of bummed I couldn’t go to the ceremony.

Did anyone inspire you to play? 

Well I didn’t start playing volleyball until the winter-summer going into my freshman year, which was pretty late, and I was completely terrible. I did not know how to do anything. My teammates and coaches have always pushed me to a potential that I never thought I would or could even come close to reaching. Looking back at that player and now receiving the Indiana Volleyball Player of the Year, I feel so humbled and so blessed.

How do you feel that you’ve contributed to your community through volleyball?

Next year I am going to attend Purdue University to play volleyball. Well playing any sport is a blessing because of the platform you are given. Volleyball isn’t a huge sport, such as basketball or football, but in Avon, volleyball is big, and I feel like I have had an opportunity to reach this community through that platform. Working kids camps and being out, visiting different elementary schools and reading, I think that I have impacted especially the younger generation of Orioles.


Photos Submitted by Jael Johnson





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