Referendum Passes: Avon Residents Vote ‘Yes’ to Increase School Funding

More than 10,000 Avon residents cast ballots May 8 on a referendum to increase property taxes to provide additional funding to the school district. The measure passed by a 5:4 ratio, with 5,801 voters choosing Yes and 4,664 voters choosing No.

The tax increases will generate $9.5 million annually over the next eight years. That money, primarily, will go toward decreasing class sizes by adding more teachers. In 2017, approximately 33 percent of all classes at the high school had 30 or more students. Many middle school classes, additionally, have 35 or more students.

Avon Community School Corporation representatives have been adamant that the money will not go toward financing construction or for administrator raises.

Property taxes will increase 35 cents per $100 of assessed property value. A household assessed at the town’s median value — $172,617 — will pay an additional $23.56 per month, which comes to about $280 per year.



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