Avon Beats Ben Davis in 41-36 Win

By Tara Martin | Social Media Editor

Aug. 2016: Ben Davis wins 38-7.

Nov. 2016: Ben Davis wins 47-40.

Aug. 2017: Ben Davis wins 52-20.

Nov. 2017: Ben Davis wins 57-20.

Aug. 24, 2018: Avon wins 41-36.

For the first time since 2015, the Avon Orioles’ varsity football team has beaten Ben Davis. The game took place at Avon with the student section packed full of Hawaiian shirts, leis, and even a mermaid tail.

Junior Maria Davila said the student section was excited about the Avon lead over westside rival, Ben Davis.

“The student section is a little hectic at times with the whole kiss cam, but it’s overall pretty fun,” Davila said.

Senior Jordan Kirk said that winning against Ben Davis would be easy for Avon and all of the student section knew it.

“The student section is a blast. There is a bunch of energy down here,” Kirk said.

Sophomore Austin Miller said that the lead was helping Avon’s morale.

“Right now we’re up 28-23 and because Ben Davis didn’t [stop a run] I think we’re going to be pretty motivated to score and win,” Miller said.

Freshmen Caden Stafford watched the game for the first time in student section and was confident at halftime that Avon would win the game.

“Avon’s better than Ben Davis,” Stafford said. “Avon’s the best.”

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