Sophomore Carson Cartwright Looks to Begin Fashion Club at AHS

By Katie Munday | Fashion Editor

A new era of positivity and support in the fashion community is rising from the ashes of What Not to Wear and negative red carpet fashion reviews. This movement is spreading to Avon High School, with sophomore Carson Cartwright leading the charge to start a new fashion club.

Cartwright was inspired to start a fashion-oriented club after being covered in the Avon Echo last school year for his impeccable fashion sense. He approached Mrs. Gentner, an art teacher at the high school, to sponsor the club. According to Cartwright, Gentner has a great fashion sense and is easy to get along with.

“I was super excited and said yes – Carson is perfect for the ‘president of fashion club’ role,” Gentner said.

Cartwright says he hopes the new club will not only be a barrage of fashion tips and tricks, but a safe environment for creative expression and for learning.

“We’re really going to focus on self-expression and being more comfortable with how you dress, and maybe some fashion tips. I’m also trying to get a fashion professor or someone who works in the fashion industry to come in to talk,” Cartwright said.

Sophomore Molly Wolfe, who is set to be vice president of the club, said she is excited to see the mix of people who join.

“I’m looking forward to meeting people who also love fashion, getting to know more about other people’s style, and helping them express themselves, while being able to express my own style,” Wolfe said.

According to Gentner, fashion is dynamic and unique to each individual, and that’s one of the aspects she likes most about it.

“Fashion is always evolving and it is something that one can use to express their personality or sense of aesthetics. I really appreciate how fashion over the last few years has been more focused on mental well-being [and] body positivity,” said Gentner.

The club, according to Wolfe, will make a big effort to make each member feel comfortable in their own style and in their own skin.

“A lot of students are scared of what people will think of them if they wear something out of the norm, but as long as you like it and are confident in it, you should wear it,” Wolfe said.

At the end of the day, said Cartwright, you don’t have to be considered fashionable by others to become a member.

“You could wear sweatpants and sweatshirts every day and join; it doesn’t matter. Dress however you want, and be comfortable with it,” Cartwright said. “There’s not really a code about what you should and should not wear.”

Correction: The original version of this story implied that the club was already formed. However, Cartwright is still in the planning process and has yet to apply for approval from administrators. 

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